Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Riding to work

I'm trying to figure out a bike route to work. With the hike in gas prices and my increasingly busy schedule it seems about time to ride to work. However work and home are 20+ miles apart and trying to find a route through the concrete jungle in Orange County is a bit of a challenge. So far I haven't found a safe path. I think I can do it though. Here are the challenges that I'm running into:

- Busy streets with no bike lanes.
- Wide intersections not designed for bikes.
- A lot of stop lights.
- Taking an extra 45mins to get to work.

I've driven a couple routes already without much luck. I think I've found a better route so I'm going to map it out and drive it tonight after work.

I took this picture while riding with the OC Triathlon Club. It wasn't a good idea to pull out my camera and take a picture here because I wasn't focused on the road ahead while heading into an uphill. I almost "ate it" because I didn't realize the uphill until it became hard to pedal (I was in the biggest gear); by that time I had to put the camera away and get my hands on the gears to switch to a lower gear. Lesson learned.


  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    LOL! You and your camera...I can see you cranking up that hill cursing at yourself for taking that picture when you did. As usual, nice pic though!

  2. Hey there, found your blog through your TNO post. Another option for biking to work is driving part way to a good location and then cycling the remainder in. This may even give you better options for the bike route that will avoid the heavy traffic. Just a thought.