Thursday, November 09, 2006

1982 Julie Moss Video

For those who haven't heard of Julie Moss this is another classic inspirational story. It highlights the strength and determination of the human spirit. It was one of the events in triathlon history that if not just for the moment reached the masses. Take a look, be inspired again, and pass it along to someone else.

Tri Gear Stuff - ZOOT:
I've owned a lot of tri brands Zoot, 2XU, Orca, LG, De Soto, etc... Today I'm going to profile Zoot. Zoot stated in Kona, HI and has been around for many years. Nowadays they are based in San Diego, Vista to be exact. Zoot is primarily an apparel brand that recently got into wetsuits. They quickly made a name for themselves in the wetsuit market by producing quality products and great innovation. Personally I've found Zoot products to be well thought out and comfortable. I will definitely be wearing more Zoot in the years to come. Zoot, zoot! (That's an allusion to many things "toot, toot" and "zot, zot" to name a few. The "zot" comes from my alma mater it's the sound that our mascot the Anteater makes. I know, I know what kind of mascot is an anteater, right? We'll I'll have you know it's in the bear family and it's better than a banana slug!)

Zoot at One Tri:
Zoot Products

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Zoot Company


  1. helloo jerry. just browsin' thru. have fun on your bike ride this weekend.

  2. did you steal my favorites folder from youtube? I have like a half dozen vids saved and the Cliff bar and Julie Moss are two of them. Put a couple of Team Hoyts up there and I'm filling an inquest. haha

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Call me crazy, but I hear a much different message than "never give up" -- instead all I hear when I see that video is "NUTRITION, NUTRITION, NUTRITION!!!" We are so fortunate to have so much more information available to us about endurance racing nutrition so we don't have to go through the same kind of suffering as Julie Moss did. I was stupid that I didn't know about water poisoning until only a few years ago, and wondered why I got so many severe headaches and fevers after my 60 mile rides. Nowadays I don't go anywhere without my Gu and Gatorade.