Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Classic Funny Triathlon Commercial Video

Every once in awhile I run across this video on the internet and laugh all over again.

Tri Gear Review of the Day: A few months ago I got the 2XU Comp 1 Cycling Shorts. I really like the thick pad and compression feel of the shorts. I've done many long rides in them including the MS150 and I really enjoy them. Like many cycling shorts the instructions say not to put them in the dryer. Given that I'm a knuckle head I've accidentally put them in there a few times and it's still good to ride with. All in all very sturdy and comfortable.

PS. Has anybody upgraded to the new blogger version? I'm hesitant to do so until I hear some good feedback. Thanks.


  1. I have not upgraded yet. I heard someone say today that there were still some bugs...

    I'd wait a while.

  2. Love the Cliff bar commerical with Wes. He is my iron brutha's swim coach up in Bolder.

    Thanks for the email. Considering...

  3. that's hilarious! really makes me want to be a triathlete!