Monday, April 24, 2006

Peter's Canyon Trails

Peg and I went for a training run today. Today we discovered the Peter's Canyon Trails. We always knew about them but never made time to go run them. Now that we've discovered them we'll definitely be coming here more often for our triathlon training runs. On our way to the trail we stopped by Chris's and he joined us on the run. Here are some pictures.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Alan's Transition

Here's a picture of Alan quickly getting through his transition at the Strawberry Fields Triathlon. Unfortunately he got a flat on his bike and didn't have a spare so he never finished. The sag for the race never came by to pick him up. I'm sure he'll have better luck at his next tri.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Orange County Triathlon Club represents: Dominic

Check out Dominic on his Orbea. I got a few good pictures at this angle at the LA Tri Express Series 1 race. He's all decked out with what seems like Profile Design Aero Bars, an aero drink, LG tri shoes, and the OCTC tri jersey.

The Bonelli Park Area in San Dimas seems like a pretty good place to ride. I grew up nearby but didn't ride when I was younger. Now I'd like to go back and check it out. Because all the photo viewpoints that I got were pretty scenic.

Btw, click on the picture for a larger shot.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Father and Son team

At the LA Tri Express Series 1 race this past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Bill and Jonathon Davis. Bill is the father who is visually impaired considered legally blind. He is a representative of the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). His son Jonathon raced with him in the bike and run sections as a guide. It was extremely inspiring to see a father and son team race as a team.

I learned that Bill has recently been sponsored by Korea to race in an Ironman race in Korea. He told me that he's looking for a partner to accompany him in the Ironman race (preferably Korean speaking but not a requirement). If you know of anybody who would be willing to race with Bill please contact him. He has a great story to tell and you can read more about him at his website Bill has tons of races coming up which you can see on his site two of these races are Wildflower 5/5/06 and Korea Ironman 8/27/06 of which he is still looking for a partner.

Monday, April 03, 2006

New Triathlete Stuff Site Design

I'm excited about the new triathlete stuff site design. This new system allows me to manage posts easier. As well it allows for comments to my posts. I'm definitely going to be posting more triathlon content now that this new system is up. Along with the new triathlete stuff design I'm close to launching our new triathlon store. Please check it out come July when we make our grand opening. If you would like to pre-order tri gear feel free to do so but items won't ship until the June-July time frame. Please wish us luck and thanks for your suppport :) We'll be carrying as many brands as possible including ones such as DeSoto, Louis Garneau, Orca, 2XU, HED, Aquasphere, etc.. If you have any preferences please let me know and I'll push for it.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Triathlete Stuff Online

I just wanted to write a blurb about how, to my chagrin, search engines like Yahoo and MSN rely so heavily on content. That is to say if I don't write the exact words "triathlete stuff" on my page you probably won't be able to search for this site even though it's about triathlete stuff. So for instance writing about "triathlon stuff" isn't the same as "triathlete stuff". It's really specific and from my perspective not very effective. But what do I know, they are the billion dollar companies that decide what's right and wrong. I just have to keep writing the words "triathlete stuff" if I want them to know that that's what is about, triathlete stuff! ;)