Friday, July 14, 2006

Triathlon Training in the Back Bay

Riding on the back bay in Newport Beach, CA is nice. We're fortunate to be able to live and train here. I like this pic I caught of Peg riding aero. She's a triathlete with the right stuff. Were hopping this year we can get her to place a little higher in the top ten of her age group. Wish her luck. You can read more about her bike in one of my previous posts. She has an older Kestrel Airfoil.

On another note:
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tri Bike Envy

Last week I went riding with a group of friends and I was the only person without carbon on my bike. I have a 9-10 year old used Bianchi. These were the bikes I rode with Kestrel Airfoil, Cervelo P3 Carbon, Kestrel Talon, Kuota Kalibur, and a Basso (sorry Phil I don't know your bike's model). I know it's not about the bike but it doesn't hurt to have a nice bike. As much as I admire nice shiny bikes I'm just not ready to get one yet. I hope to get one be the end of this year or the beginning of next. Right now I'm asking for sugestions and your favorites.

My next triathlon is the LA Tri in September. Unless I find a ridiculous deal or a load of cash falls in my lap, I probably won't be riding a new bike until after the LA Tri. Keep an eye out for me ;) Carbon, titanium, aero, dura-ace, Zipps, Heds, Cervelo P3, Kestrel Airfoil, Scott Plasma, aerobars, Profile Design, Vision... YES.