Thursday, May 10, 2007

New SwiMP3 V2

A new SwiMP3 V2 has come out by Finis. The SwiMP3 is an mp3 player you can swim with. Unlike other mp3 players this device uses bone conduction so you get better quality under the water. If you want to read more about it or buy it click here -> More about the SwiMP3

Transition Mat for Triathlon

Tranistion Mat post updated 2/27/10. See bottom for update.

Many people at Wildflower this year got to see the new Lickety-Split Triathlon Transition Mat. I got one from Lickety-Split and I think they're great. I plan on using one at my next race. For those of you who had the opportunity to purchase and use one please do share. Is anybody else interested in this mat?

Here are the benefits that I see from it:
* Marks you transition so it's easy to find. Save seconds and headaches.
* Keep your feet clean and dry.
* It won't roll around and bunch up like a towel
* Sucks up water better than a towel

I was told the most popular colors are Neon and Red Hibuscus.

You can get one here: One Tri: Lickety-Split Triathlon Transition Mat

*** UPDATE 2/27/10 ***
The Lickety Split transition mat recently got a face lift and is now known as the T Mat Pro. The mat seems to be about the same with an update in the logo and small improvements in overall quality control. Also new is a place to write your name on the mat.

The new T Mat Pro is available here: : T Mat Pro Transition Mat

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Triathlon Clothing - Orca Race Suits

Every once in awhile I get asked about triathlon clothing. Below are a couple of popular pieces that are in-stock. Disclaimer: (This is a blatant plug for suits at

4/1/09 Update: This is kind of an old post so for those looking for updated information on triathlon race suits you can go to the Tri Suits section of for a more comprehensive selection. The top brands and best tri suits are all represented inlcuding Zoot, Orca, 2xu, Tyr, Louis Garneau, and DeSoto.

Here's the direct link to the tri suits:

Men's Orca Race suit w/Pockets - This is a very popular race suit because it has a cool back mesh panel and pockets. It also has a control-zip which means you can just flip the zipper to the "on" position and then give a slight tug near the zipper for it to open. When you flip the zipper down it locks in place. Most popular color is black.
In-stock as of 5/1/07:
Black - Medium
Black - Large
Black - X-Large

Men's Orca Pro Killa Race Suit - This is an ITU Race legal suit with a rear-zip. It is great for open water swims and non-wetsuit legal races. It's a very popular and sharp looking suit. Many people will wear it over their run/bike outfit to be quicker through the water. The Pro Killa suit is very slick through the water. The most popular color is black but this year there is also a blue option.
In-stock as of 5/1/07:
Black - Small
Black - Medium
Black - Large
Black - X-Large

Men's > Triathlon Clothing.
Women's > Triathlon Clothing.