Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Triathlon Clothing - Orca Race Suits

Every once in awhile I get asked about triathlon clothing. Below are a couple of popular pieces that are in-stock. Disclaimer: (This is a blatant plug for suits at OneTri.com)

4/1/09 Update: This is kind of an old post so for those looking for updated information on triathlon race suits you can go to the Tri Suits section of OneTri.com for a more comprehensive selection. The top brands and best tri suits are all represented inlcuding Zoot, Orca, 2xu, Tyr, Louis Garneau, and DeSoto.

Here's the direct link to the tri suits: http://www.onetri.com/mens-clothing-suits-c-4_5.html

Men's Orca Race suit w/Pockets - This is a very popular race suit because it has a cool back mesh panel and pockets. It also has a control-zip which means you can just flip the zipper to the "on" position and then give a slight tug near the zipper for it to open. When you flip the zipper down it locks in place. Most popular color is black.
In-stock as of 5/1/07:
Black - Medium
Black - Large
Black - X-Large

Men's Orca Pro Killa Race Suit - This is an ITU Race legal suit with a rear-zip. It is great for open water swims and non-wetsuit legal races. It's a very popular and sharp looking suit. Many people will wear it over their run/bike outfit to be quicker through the water. The Pro Killa suit is very slick through the water. The most popular color is black but this year there is also a blue option.
In-stock as of 5/1/07:
Black - Small
Black - Medium
Black - Large
Black - X-Large

Men's > Triathlon Clothing.
Women's > Triathlon Clothing.

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