Friday, August 17, 2007

HydroTail vs XLab Carbon Wing

So my friend is stoked (excited) about getting this new rear hydration bottle holder the Beaker Concepts HdyroTail (He won the winning bid at a charity auction). He says it's the lightest therefore the best on the market. Can anybody who's used it corroborate this from first hand experience. Is it that much better than the XLab Carbon Wing coming out? My thought is that even though the HydroTail might be lighter the XLab Carbon Wing seems to offer a lot more utility options. My belief is that both are very nice and the "best" one is relative to your needs.

Thanks in advance for any comments or feedback on the Hydro Tail "hydration system".
As always here's a link to the products:
HydroTail by Beaker Concepts
Carbon Wing by Xlab
Originally posted Friday August 17, 2007
Update 2/16/2013:
Since the writing of this article the Xlab products have evolved and expanded a lot. The hydrotail is still available but the company hasn't grown like Xlab. There are still many more options with Xlab.
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  1. Word! Keen to know if you got any feedback on the Carbon-Wing vs. HydroTail post. Am facing the same dilema (which is a pretty good dilema to face!) ... Cheers, Samo

  2. As of today the Carbon Wing seems to be doing better in terms of what people are buying.

  3. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Apparently xlab is more aero due to the fact that it doesn't block the air flow through the seat post.

  4. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Carbon Fiber xlab tails are very fragile and prone to breakage.

    I know for a fact that Tri Bike Transport won't ship bikes with carbon XLAB tails attached.