Thursday, April 03, 2008

Zoot Ultra Triathlon Shoes

Recently I've wanted to get a pair of these triathlon specific shoes from Zoot. Even though my store carries them I haven't gotten my self a pair.

Zoot ultra race shoe

Zoot sports ultra race shoe in box

We have a good selection in stock.

You can get the Ultra Race tri shoes at One Tri here: Zoot Ultra Triathlon Race Shoe.

Update: I did get a pair of the Zoot Sports Men's ULTRA Tempo+ Shoe 2008 ($129.95) - I haven't put any serious milage on them yet, but I'll put in a review when I get the chance. My initial thoughts are that they are light and comfortable for a moderate stability shoe. It's also hard to ignore all the tri specific thought put into the shoe. On first inspection the shoe looks impressive.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog. I read each post as I'm getting into triathlons as well. Thanks!

  2. Barry, thanks so much for the comment! I appreciate it tremendously as it's fuel to do more.