Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bento Box for Triathlon and Bike

The Bento Box for Triathlon and the Bike is basically a nutrition/storage bag that typically connects to the top tube and top portion of your fork under the stem of your bike. Nowadays Bento Boxes are commonly referred to as Stem Bags. It is commonly used by triathletes and bikers riding long distances. Some may not know but there are a variety of options and I've listed some below.

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Profile Design E-Pack, Large - This is a standard sized box with a mesh top. Click the image below for a video of the product.

Louis Garneau Gel Box 2 Stem Bag

Serfas Large Stem Bag - This is an extra long bag for those who may want to carry a subway sandwich ;)

TNi Bento Box TRZ bike bag - This design is unique in that it is slanted and not shaped like a box.

(No longer available) Standard Sized Bento Box comes in 3 colors. The Bento Box company went out of business.

Originally Posted: Feb 27, 2010
Updated: Feb 16, 2013

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