Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TYR Torque Preview

A few weeks ago we got a sneak preview of TYR's new WTC Ironman legal swim skins (aka speed suits) called the Torque Pro and Torque Elite. TYR was gracious enough to invite us to their Huntington Beach headquarters in Southern California on the weekend. I've had to hold off sharing the news until today so I'm very excited to share.

These two new swim skins were very cool to see given the recent news that WTC has banned the existing tri swim skins that had the neoprene coatings. If you are familiar with the TYR Sayonora swim skin then you know what I am talking about when I refer to this product. What makes these two new suits so remarkable is that they lower the drag coefficient of swimming using a fabric than using a neoprene coating. A limited quantity is being produced as quickly as possible in time for Kona this year. Get on the waiting list now as they likely won't last long since there are no other options at this time. I won't go into too many details here. If you want to see more just click on the images to be taken to webpages that tell more about the suits.

You can also click one of these links to find out more.
TYR Torque Pro - This speed suit is most similar to the Sayonara in terms of feel but the fabric is quite different and very impressive.
TYT Torque Elite - This suit is so light and amazingly slick in the water. We did a video tracking the water over the "seams" and it is so smooth. There really are no raised seems on this thing. It's pretty amazing.
TYR Brand page that has links to all the Torque products

Even the boxes that the suits come in are cool.


  1. so 4 months after Kona...what are your thoughts on the best legal swim skins out there? I am trying to decide what to get and could use some advice!!

  2. Anonymous3:24 PM

    At this point I'm still leaning a little towards the TYR suits because new suits are just starting to slowly roll out. Between the 2 TYR swimskins I might lean towards the Pro at this moment purely based on what other Pro's are choosing.